Begning of my new life……

Hi Everyone..
Today I am here to write about ‘my love story’ which has been living inside my heart since a long time.
I don’t even know my story will reach to him or not but still i will share with you all.
Before starting i would like to know few things, I am gonna change few names and please do not relate my story with yours in anyway.
Here i Start…

It all started with a text from an unknown number.
A date which changed my life.It was the Month of 4th October 2011. I was in 11th standard and was a good in studies,Briliant,sharp and loved by all teachers and students. After school and private classes i came back to home and got a text stating ‘GOOD EVENING’ along with a flower vase made with the help of brackets.
Me: Who are you?
Unknown: Your Well Wisher.
Me: Sorry? and after few conversation he told me his name
Unknown: Kunal!
And after exchanging few our personal information i had to sleep because we’re not allowed to use phone late night.
Morning i checked my phone there was few messagews from that number he told me he is from DPS.
I told him about myself and i told him the truth but he lied to me.
His name his age his school name address everything.
But on the same evening he told me that he lied to me and his name is Prince(I don’t want to use his name). And he told me he is in 11std standard as well & he asked me to change my number because somebody had spread my number in his class and yes I was getting blank calls he taught me how to block any number on samsung phone and I blocked every unknown number.
We started talking to each other on daily basis. I hadn’t spent a single minute without thinking about him. I was habituated of him. Slowly and gradually we became good friends then Best Friend. It’s been 3 months on the same date we became best friends.In these 3 months we had been in tochwith each other on minutes basis.
November 2011: Slowly and gradually i was falling for him like anything But i was scared to tell him because once during our conversation he told me that he wanted a damn beautiful,fair complexion,tall etc. And i was completely opposite of his choice. I have wheat complexion, 5’3″ height, and yes i am not beautiful at all.
Though, I was happy with whatever i had. So, I decided to leave him.
i told him My dad isn’t allowing me to use phone anymore and he areed. I felt bad and good at the same time. I cried a lot that night just because I loved somebody for the very first time that person isn’t interested in me at all. Then I felt good at the same time that it was just a month of conversation and no one is gonna love me if that person will meet me once. I was ugly at the best. In these days I used to ask him on daily basis from where you got my number and the answer was ‘Your number was written on my text book’.
I was misssing him badly but life never stop for anyone. And then after few days I got a call from an unknown number.
To Be Continued……………….

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